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Planning Your Wedding

Before you go

Make sure your passport is valid for more than six months after your return date. If you are travelling onto another destination that requires vaccinations or malaria tablets make sure you're up to date with all of the current requirements. If you require a visa to visit Mauritius we would suggest contacting your consulate to guarantee this is done by your departure date.

Collect your wedding dress (ensure that it has been professionally packed in a box marked fragile so it is ready to go into the hold).

The day of departure...

Make a final check to ensure you have everything you need:

  • Travel Documents
  • Passports
  • Originals of required documents for your wedding
  • Bride and Grooms wedding outfits
  • If applicable - the wedding party outfits
  • For the bride - something old, something borrowed and something blue
  • If required - a copy of the speeches
  • Favorite music to play during and after the ceremony

When you arrive

When you arrive you will take the day to settle in to your chosen hotel, relax by the pool, sip a cocktail at sunset and enjoy the first day of your honeymoon. Meet your wedding coordinator who will work with you to plan your perfect day.

You will choose your wedding location – your wedding can take place anywhere in the resort, most people decide on the gardens close to the beach, but the choice is yours! Weddings will take place in the afternoon 15h00-16h00 as it is a cooler time of the day, the light is also better for photographs and you can take advantage of the sunsets at this time of day.

Take a look through the optional extras such as buttonholes, photos and flowers. Some guests and resorts may prefer to organise this in advance which we would suggest however some leave everything until they arrive:

Discuss the amount of guests if any and what you would like for your reception. If you do not have a wedding party the hotel will happily provide two witnesses. You have a number of choices for your reception which vary by hotel whether it is a romantic candlelit dinner for two on the beach or a larger barbeque on the beach, a traditional three-course wedding breakfast or just a quick buffet your wedding coordinator will go through all the options available at your chosen hotel.


Unfortunately we cannot get rid of the legalities but we promise to make them as quick and stress free as possible. The day before your wedding (except on public holidays/Saturday/Sunday) you will be met in reception at a confirmed time. You must have the originals of all required documentation with you.

You will have to go to 4 different offices in Port Louis and will be accompanied by a taxi driver.

  • Civil Status main office Port Louis - All documents will be double checked and authorisation for the wedding will be granted.
  • Attorney at law - all original documents will be checked here and the affidavits will be prepared before they are sworn at the Supreme High Court of Mauritius.
  • Supreme High Court of Mauritius - You will Swear Affidavits & must be well dressed - no shorts for men and arms covered for women (no need for shirt/tie/jackets - smart/casual is acceptable). No children are allowed in the Supreme High Court of Mauritius.
  • Civil Status Sub Office - The taxi driver will take you to a sub office in the district closest to your hotel for the publication of the wedding. At this point you will discuss the wedding time and vows with the civil status officer. The Civil Status Officer is the only person who can confirm the wedding time. (Please note that this is more often than not at 4pm)

You will arrive back at the hotel at approximately 1pm to relax on the beach for the afternoon.

After the wedding...

The great thing is you do not need to worry about post wedding day blues as you are still on honeymoon! You can relax on the beach, try your hand at a number of water sports and sample many different types of food. You could try a number of excursions from shopping in Port Louis to a trip round one of the countries rum factories. Why not organise a romantic candlelit dinner on the beach for the night after your wedding, or book a relaxing massage for your loved one whatever you would like to do our guest relations team at the hotels will be one hand to help you to organise something special.

Weddings in Mauritius - FAQs

What documents do we need to provide?

We require 2 copies of the following documents from you at least eight weeks before you depart the UK. Weddings take place Monday to Friday only (excluding public holidays), and please note, we'll need to plan in advance as we are required to give the Supreme Court at least one month's notice. We also suggest that you are in Mauritius for at least three days before your wedding date.

  • Copies of passports
  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Decree absolute (if divorced)
  • Deed Poll (if name has changed)
  • Death Certificate and previous marriage certificate if widowed
  • Non English documentation must be translated into English and duly stamped.
  • One signed copy of the Wedding Application form which we will send out to you when you make a booking.
  • You will also need to take 2 passport photos each with you to Mauritius.

French passport holders and citizens of other countries need to submit their documentation to us 3 months prior to your arrival in Mauritius.

How much notice is required to organise a wedding?

Because we need time to get all your wedding paperwork together and sent off to the hotels we would say we need at least a month to organise it properly.

When do the weddings take place?

Weddings take place Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

How long do we need to be in Mauritius before the ceremony?

We suggest that you are in Mauritius for at least three days before your wedding date.

How long will the ceremony last for?

The ceremony will last for approximately half an hour. We advise that you speak to your wedding co-ordinator at the resort to confirm this on your arrival.

Can we bring and use our own music?

We advise that you pick 4 pieces of music that you bring to Mauritius with you. One is for the arrival of bride. 2. When the guests sign the register. 3. When the officer will declare the couple husband & wife. 4. Cake ceremony.

What kind of wedding ceremony will we have?

All of our weddings are civil ceremonies.

Will the wedding ceremony be conducted in English?

All weddings will be conducted in English. If you would like the ceremony conducted in another language please let us know at time of booking and we will happily find out if this is possible.

Is our wedding legal in the UK?

Your wedding will be performed by a licensed marriage officer which ensures your wedding is completely legal and recognised by UK law.

What happens if I have been divorced?

If you have been divorced longer than 10 months all we need is a copy of your decree absolute. By Mauritian law if the bride-to-be has been divorced for 10 months or less she will need a Mauritian Doctor’s certificate of non-pregnancy. If the bride to be is already pregnant you would have to wait until she has been divorced for more than 10 months.

How do I transport my wedding dress?

Your wedding outfits take up part of your luggage allowance. The airlines unfortunately will not give you and extra allowance for wedding outfits. We, therefore, recommend that you have your dress professionally boxed and marked fragile if your wedding outfits are going into the hold of the plane.

What should we wear for our wedding?

In Mauritius the emphasis is on relaxation and individual tastes. Mauritius has a warm climate all year round so we would suggest for the bride a traditional dress may be unbearable so maybe something light-weight might be better. For the groom linen is a popular choice however it really is down to personal preference. You really can wear what you want from kilts to shorts, full wedding dresses to a casual sun dress the choice is completely down to you!

Do we need witnesses?

Two witnesses over the age of 18 are required by law. Not to worry if you have decided on a quiet intimate wedding for just the two of you we will arrange the witnesses for you.

Can we have a same sex wedding?

Unfortunately, at this stage, we cannot organise same sex weddings or commitment ceremonies in Mauritius.

Are hair and beauty services available at the hotel?

At all of our hotels in Mauritius you can arrange to have your hair and make up done – you can even have a trial if you want to….or why not get an instant glow for your wedding day?

Do we need Insurance?

We do not organise insurance for you although there are a number companies that specialise in wedding and honeymoon insurance. We would also recommend your guests also take out travel insurance just in case anything has to be changed!

What is an Apostille Stamp?

All non British passport holders who are not part of the commonwealth need to have their marriage certificate stamped with an Apostille to authenticate it. Transport to the relevant offices to obtain the Apostille stamp will be required.

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