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Mauritius is an island covering approximately 1,865 square kms with 330 kms of coastline almost entirely surrounded by coral reefs, a central plateau.

Mauritius is quite a mountainous island but not with very high mountains. The highest peak is at the southwest of the Island, the mountain of Piton de la Petite Rivière Noire at 828 meters (2,717 ft), second is the Pieter Both at 823 meters and Le Pouce is the third highest mountain on the island at 812 meters.

The central plateau rises to a level of some 600 metres marked by extinct volcanic craters, crisscrossed by rivers, streams and waterfalls.

Measurements of Mauritius

Land: 1,850 sq km
Water: 10 sq km
Total: 1,860 sq km
Coastline: 177 km

It is situated in the South West Indian Ocean (20S/57.5E) approximately 2,000 kms from Durban, 1800 kms from Mombasa, 6,000 kms from Perth and 4700 kms from Bombay.

Islands which fall within the boundaries of Mauritius are:

  • Rodrigues
  • Agalega Islands
  • Saint Brandon
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