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Documents Required & Legalities

Documents required

We require 2 copies of the following documents from you at least eight weeks before you depart the UK. Weddings take place Monday to Friday only (excluding public holidays), and please note, we'll need to plan in advance as we are required to give the Supreme Court at least one month's notice. We also suggest that you are in Mauritius for at least three days before your wedding date.

  • Copies of passports
  • Copies of birth certificates
  • Decree absolute (if divorced)
  • Deed Poll (if name has changed)
  • Death Certificate and previous marriage certificate if widowed
  • Non English documentation must be translated into English and duly stamped.
  • One signed copy of the Wedding Application form which we will send out to you when you make a booking.
  • You will also need to take 2 passport photos each with you to Mauritius.

French passport holders and citizens of other countries need to submit their documentation to us 3 months prior to your arrival in Mauritius.


Unfortunately we cannot get rid of the legalities but we promise to make them as quick and stress free as possible. The day before your wedding (except on public holidays/Saturday/Sunday) you will be met in reception at a confirmed time.

You must have the originals of all required documentation with you. You will have to go to 4 different offices in Port Louis and will be accompanied by a taxi driver.

  • Civil Status main office Port Louis - All documents will be double checked and authorisation for the wedding will be granted.
  • Attorney at law - all original documents will be checked here and the affidavits will be prepared before they are sworn at the Supreme High Court of Mauritius.
  • Supreme High Court of Mauritius - You will Swear Affidavits & must be well dressed - no shorts for men and arms covered for women (no need for shirt/tie/jackets - smart/casual is acceptable). No children are allowed in the Supreme High Court of Mauritius.
  • Civil Status Sub Office - The taxi driver will take you to a sub office in the district closest to your hotel for the publication of the wedding. At this point you will discuss the wedding time and vows with the civil status officer. The Civil Status Officer is the only person who can confirm the wedding time. (Please note that this is more often than not at 4pm)
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